Hotel Flowers

Terrace “Klumba”

An unplanned break…

We are concerned with daily works, at home, at the office, working at computer, making shopping, being in meetings with different people. Don’t you want to escape from this routine? Would you like to look around, to inhale the scent of plants and flowers, to enjoy the bright colors of this world?

Terrace “Klumba” is exactly what you need!

The atmosphere of joy, stylish and unique interior, where flowers have an essential role, these are the terrace’s distinct points.

The smell of dishes in synergy with the fragrance of flowers creates a special atmosphere on the terrace of “Klumba” restaurant.

A perfect pause – a slight breeze, white curtains, and soft sofas entice you and make you forget about hustle and bustle of the city.

Here you will find out the best relaxing therapy through aromas, colors or with a refreshing cocktail.

We invite you to spend a few minutes, or hours, on the terrace of the “Klumba” restaurant!

“Klumba” restaurant – an unplanned break!