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“Moldova winecellars”
Wine tour

You mention “Moldova” and immediately think of Moldavian wine. Do you really want to experience the best days of your trip without tasting it?

Our winemakers firmly believe that on certain days of the calendar, it is not only useful but even necessary to indulge in the cultural consumption of wine. So, let’s take a break, have some fun in pleasant company, and combine the cultural experience of learning with the cultural appreciation of our country’s most popular drink.
Traditionally, we offer our guests a choice to visit the renowned cellars of Cricova, MilestiiMici, Purcari, and Vartelly, where elegance and classic traditions blend seamlessly with the exceptional quality of the wines available for tasting. Additionally, there are newer, equally popular wineries that will warmly welcome you.
You will also have the opportunity to witness the places where the finest wines of our country are crafted. You can see, taste, and even purchase these wines to take home as a memento.
If you have decided to visit our country, where wine has been crafted for centuries, be sure to set aside some time for a wine tour. It will truly enhance your experience and allow you to appreciate the rich heritage of our winemaking traditions.

  • Duration: from 3 hours
  • Type: bus

The cost of excursions and tours solely depends on the number of friends, colleagues, relatives, and companions you decide to bring along on the trip, as well as the transportation required to reach our destination.
However, we have already chosen a cozy hotel for you, and we can provide recommendations for food options to suit any preference.


The tour agency reserves the right to change tour programs without altering the extent of the provided services.
In the event of tourists arriving late or not appearing, the Agency reserves the right to modify the sequence of tour programs without changing the extent of the provided services.
The duration of individual elements of the tour programs may vary on the eve of departure and during the implementation process.
Program elements that are dependent on weather and climatic conditions, actions of local services and organizations (traffic, local administration, etc.), and are beyond the control of the tour agency may be excluded from the program based on the actual situation along the route.
The tour program can be adjusted according to the group’s preferences.