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Jewish Chisinau

When speaking about Chisinau, it is impossible to ignore its most colorful inhabitants – the Jewish community.

The first Jewish settlements appeared in Bessarabia in the 16th century, although some argue they may have existed even earlier. Many Jews migrated to Bessarabia after 1812, when it became part of the Russian Empire and the Pale of Settlement, an area where Russian laws allowed Jews to reside.
Chisinau became a significant settlement for the Jewish population. In the early 20th century, approximately one in ten residents of our city had a characteristic “pronunciation”.
ZlataTkach, Liviu Deleanu, ShabsaMashkautsan, Avigdor Lieberman, Mihail Gershenzon, Lewis Milestone (Leib Milstein), Lazar Dubinovski, and hundreds of other representatives of this great and ancient people have contributed to the history of Chisinau.
We still have numerous Jewish jokes and real stories that you can hear and enjoy. It’s an experience you need to see, hear, and even try!

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