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Capriana & Hâncu Convent & Suruceni Monastery

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Capriana monastery – one of the oldest and most beautiful monuments in the Republic of Moldova. The monastery is located in the picturesque woodland – Codri. For a long time the monastery was the residence of the Metropolitan of Moldova and it was patronized by many Rulers of Moldova including Stefan the Great.

Hincu Monastery is one of the most visited historical monuments and one of the leading churches of Moldova. Around the convent there are many underground springs with holy water that attract people from all around the world.

The Suruceni convent - here you can see the ancient icons: “St. Elizabeth’s Kiss” (brought from Jerusalem) and “Assumption of the Blessed Virgin”. Suruceni convent is also considered unique because the relics of the great martyrs Epictet, Astion and Athonital are kept here. At the convent there operates a small workshop for the church candles and a theological seminary for girls.

Included: English Guide, transport services.
The route: Chisinau- Capriana – Hincu – Suruceni - Chisinau.
Round - trip distance: 150 km
Duration: 4-4, 5 hours

You can additionally: have a lunch in a traditional Moldavian style.
Duration: 5 hours


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